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All songs written, performed and home-recorded to Garageband by Jeremy Joseph.

Selected praise for Habitat:

- "An exceptional release from an obviously clever musician...on the whole, nearly perfect..." - Mojophenia

- " Habitat ... finds a lot of tension between heavy thoughts and worldly moments. And [Joseph] can still write a hook, too." - Washington City Paper

- "[Habitat] is cohesive, subtle, intelligent, and full of potential...an album worthy of anybodies time." - DrunkenWerewolf

- [Habitat] is a well put together conglomerate of social criticisms and self-confessions, all to the tune of some wonderfully crafted melodies and sophisticated textures" - AudioSplash

Video for 'The Scientist's Lament':

Video for 'No Solution But Resolution': youtu.be/x-SRndK_kqA


released July 31, 2012

Jeremy Joseph


all rights reserved


Track Name: The Scientist's Lament
I want to believe and give comfort to the bereaved
You never know do you
I want a purpose I want to be in someone's service
You never know do you

Save yourself for free
Fall into the sea
Everything's just matter
I don't have the proof

Had a wrestling match, I don't want to get attached
You never know do you
Thought I saw a sign or am I only losing my mind
You never know do you

Save yourself for free
Fall into the sea
Everything's just matter
I don't have the proof
Track Name: Disconnected
I'm calling you, I'm calling you
Hear my echo, hear my echo
Did I get through, did I get through
Or did you let go, or did you let go?

And I'm unsure in the morning
If I've made any impression

They say you're gone, they say you're gone
And nothing's missing, and nothing's missing
Well are you here, well are you here
I am listening, yea I am listening

Lost in clouds and darkness
Whisper here in my direction
I could be there for you
Always said I'm sorry

Don't leave me wandering, don't leave me wandering
Track Name: The Driver
I am a driver out upon an alien road
I follow signs that lead me to a place I do not know
The truth will come in hills to climb
I take it all in stride
For underneath your shadows I have no place to hide.

City glows on endless sky to the stranger passing by
Caught upon the turning tide
Moon hides away far from the sun
The evening has succumb to the new day that's been won

Then shining rays illuminate the highways
Take off to infinite tomorrow.
Track Name: Electric Malaise
"Let there be light!" said Edison
Let thy wizardry be done
Then the blue current swept in
And the broomsticks crept alive

Smoke upon the sky
Incandescent eye
Then the wheels began to turn
The filament burned
So bright we could not see
Just where we were heading
Track Name: Samsara
There's a look in my eyes
I wear a disguise
I'm putting on a smile
For your enterprise

You pull on my hair
You step on my toes
And I should throw elbows
I throw you a rose

Oh it goes on the same
Circular lane
Now it's rain again
Now a sunny day

So I complain
What more could I do
I'm not on the offense
I'm impaled on a fence

Did I mention
I had a couple drinks
I opened up your book
It parted like the Red Sea
Track Name: Werewolf
In a quiet town
Passing as anybody around
I'm confused as such
You don't wanna get near my touch.

There's a bad man inside me
I wear a veil to cover my face.

I hope it never sees the light of day
Let these demons be in peace
I hope that I'm not at the whim of fate
Well we all end up deceased.

I'll slip into the crease
Yea, I'll be down around your knees
You'll kick me into the dust
But I could only do as such.
Track Name: Survivor's Guilt
Stack upon stack
Of coats and hats
Endless pile of shoes
Bodies removed
Dark train pulled through
Oh what did they do to you

An icy chest
Your lips held stiff
Just a faded glimpse
Would leave you limp
Is that an act of God
Well I'm afraid
I'm afraid

Of naked pits
Of empty skulls
Of the skies turned grey
With the ones you loved

Of starving bones
Of breathless showers
Of the ones you held
Being devoured

Still alive

What's the matter with you
What's the matter with me?
Shut my eyes
I still see
Track Name: Uranium-235
I'm a mass of desire
I cannot escape
My heart is an eternal fire
Asleep and awake

There's the thorn
The long night at my back
Forward treading upon worn out track
The fiery sun is beckoning me
Yes it burns at ten million degrees!
Track Name: No Solution But Resolution
Once you had dignity
Once you had worth
Now you got a lot of gadgets and
You think you own the Earth

Forget getting old
Forgot about death
Remember bad memories
I have none left

Got a copy of the antichrist
Sliding on the Bible
Smiling all the while
Trying to kill and defile

Is it all over
The conquest won
We're going to burn down the sky
Then regret what they've done

The face of my frustration
is morphing everyday
Got a million different masks
But the stress is all the same

If I could jump this track
If I could jump this train
I would take a leap of faith
And have nothing left to blame

I want to fix all
I want to find a solution
My mind is like a factory
My thoughts like pollution

Deliverance pills
In electric wires
Let's dig into the garden
And devour all desire

I don't know where I come from
I don't know how I came
I thought I had some answers
I respond to a name

That's my face in the mirror
That's a body on a shelf
I have a book of questions
I'm singing for your help