Lost Friends

by Daddy Lion

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These songs were recorded during the same 8-track home-recording sessions as the self-titled Daddy Lion EP. For whatever reason, I didn't release them until 2015.


released June 8, 2010

All songs written, recorded, produced, mixed, and mastered by Jeremy Joseph. Cover art by Jeremy Joseph.


all rights reserved


Track Name: Wordfind
This jar - jar pickle
my hands stuck in
montains a hammer
and sickle and sin

And I
will multiply
two times
three times

Track Name: Fall of Man
I have a friend
I used to love her
and I don't care
if spite pulls me under

Got knives in my mind
needs resolution
hangs over my days
with no evolution

And clear skies would be fine
someone give me wisdom
some piece of advice
I'm willing to listen

Old man on the porch
give me your support
but your mouth's become empty
and your life seems so short

You've been constant confusion
and we have been an illusion
and all this time was I deluded
do you do this on purpose?

And I know now what I didn't know then
you knew all along well just how it had been
and it doesn't feel so bad my friend
I can afford to end, I can afford to end

So I smile and I wave as I step to the edge
said here's to the world and then jumped off the ledge
and fell twenty stories straight down to the canyon floor
I'll never go back to where I was kept before

The fall of man is just a plan
and everyone knows where I stand
The fall of man is just a plan
and everyone knows where I stand
Track Name: Sam & Sara
There's a look in my eyes
I wear a disguise
I'm putting on a smile
for your enterprise

You pull on my leg
you step on my toes
and I should throw elbows
I throw you a rose

Oh it goes on the same
circular lane
now it's rain again
now a sunny day

So I complain
what more could I do
I'm not on the offense
I'm impaled on a fence

Did I mention
I had a couple drinks
I opened up your book
it parted like the Red Sea

I've been shaking
I'm having a bad dream
grab hold of me
wake me so I'm free
Track Name: The Heir
There goes nothing
couldn't have been something anyway
I gave you all I had and you
took some more
you took some more

Here's an open bad
stick your hand in
one candy per
trick or treater
you're just a trick or treater

Am I an archetype
of something you dislike?
Well I just might
take revenge
Oh yea you'll remember me yea
are you just laughing at me?
You're just laughing at me

Yea, the gutter's not fixed
the gutter's not fixed
The windows are broken
windows all broken
The heir is a mess
the heir is a mess
Track Name: Withdrawal
You and me are not well
you cast me under your greatest spell
a call from you is a call to hell
a kiss from you is a locked cell

I've tried to quit
I don't know if I can handle it
make it faster make it quick
the hunger makes me sick

What are you doing
where are you going?
Track Name: Tomorrow (Unicorn Dream Mix)
What you want may never come
don't stay fastened to the ride you're on
we may not live another day
let's not let our time slip away

It may not be alright
at least we had tonight
now don't sleep in sorrow
you say they'll be tomorrow
Track Name: Tastee Diner
There at the Tastee Diner
you're at the counter shining
my heart had been drying
I was a slayed lion

Now my phone's ringing
you've got perfect timing
driving with nowhere to go
trying to make it home

One day we'll have a place of our own
we'll close off all the clones
the sun will come up and we'll rise together
moon will go down we'll brave the bad weather
I love my sweet angel
I love my sweet angel
Track Name: Appearance (Mega Rock Mix)
Sitting pulled aside
I'm gonna sit there with my
hands held high
smiling at the bastards on the road

Oh the road less traveled
on the road
oh it's erasing day
on the road
oh the road let's travel and see
what there is to be seen

And yea the season is turning
it's cold and grey the leaves are all falling
and now you can see into my window
it makes me bitter
and I kind of wanna be seen
it's all being bout scene
it's all looking good for the scene
yea I kinda wanna be seen
it's all being bout scene
it's all looking good for the scene yea

Well I don't care
I wish I could say that
but I'm so so damn worried
bout my appearance
oh it makes me upset oh yea
just to be like that
oh I'd make a bet
it's sickening