Learn to Have Nothing and You Will Have Everything

by Daddy Lion

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Storm video: youtu.be/bvjzsdGLv6k
Dionysus video: youtu.be/mbfY9wYrzpE
Mother Sun video: youtu.be/O1qqZfr1owE


released January 26, 2018

Daddy Lion is:
Jeremy Joseph, Chris Johnson, Randal Franklin and Bart Ballington

Songs and lyrics by Jeremy Joseph
Music by Daddy Lion

Engineered and Mixed by Chris Johnson
Produced by Chris Johnson and Daddy Lion

Mastered by Kenny McWilliams at Archer Avenue Studio

Cover art by Lee Garrett
Cover concept by Jeremy Joseph

Additional Instrumentation:

Mother Sun - Slide guitar by Mitchell Hughes, French Horn by Ari Lindenbaum

Maslow - Cello by Amy Cuthbertson

Dionysus - French Horn by Ari Lindenbaum, Additional synth by Moses Andrews, Additional vocals by Alex Davis

Celestial Mountain - Organ by Moses Andrews, Additional vocals by Alex Davis, Additional mixing by Cecil Decker

Special Thanks:

Jeremy - Becky (for whom much on this album is owed), all of my wonderful family, everyone who worked on the album and coloring book, all of my friends, Tapp's Arts Center, Conundrum, and Infinite Room

Chris - Special thanks: beeb for all the encouragement and support; cecilnick, for the guidance and much-needed criticism; Sweet Buffalo, Tom Law and the rest of the Columbia music scene; DGS, Peris and the Gee; my bro & my sis & my dad & the rest of the family. in memory of Debra Johnson

Randal - My beautiful wife Sheena for supporting me and our amazing daughters Norah and Natalie, my brothers in Daddy Lion, Alex and Moses, Bryan, Em, and everyone else who made it out to shows

Bart - Megan Hamby and Savannah Spires, Jasper and Vito, the band, Starla and Bill Fuller, Barry Ballington,Dave, Amanda and Ezra, Aubrey Vaughn, Jon Asbill and Sarah Costilow

ZeroWell Records


all rights reserved


Track Name: Mother Sun
It's the dawn of the ending
It's the death of our lady
I wouldn't ask for nothing
As the snake's descending.

It's a world war baby
Everybody's lying
In their cold graves darling
But nobody’s dying

It's the dawn of the ending
It's the same damn age
They don't feed us nothing
Got us in a cage

The desert's wide
The seas are drying
The city sighs
The nights are trying
A thousand arms
We’re multiplying

Gonna be your mother’s sun
Gonna be second to none
gonna be your number one
Track Name: Maslow
I ain’t genuine
I sleepwalk my days
Through a cybernetic
Robotic haze
I’m waiting for something
Something to take me

I’m a pillar of salt
Left out in the rain
Simultaneously melting
And going insane
I’m looking to you
For you to save me

From myself
And hate
I’m afraid that it’s too late
Too late

To get above
To get on out
And it tears me up in smoke
No joke

I don’t think ‘bout nothing
I’m an empty head
Just electric circuits
Doing what they said
I’m a wooden soldier
I ain’t a real boy

Am I playing my part
Am I doing it well
Would I go to heaven
Would I go to hell
They can go to hell
With their tribulations

I’m going down
The rabbit hole
‘Cause every path they’ve shown
Destroys me
I’ll become
I”ll become
What I want
Track Name: Future Tense
If not now when
The chance is passing
The future tense
A slow collapsing

What is left
Edifice crumbling
Teeth are clenched
Mind is rumbling

In another hour
I will hear you
Call my name
If my thoughts sour
I will forgive you
All the while

Wistful days
I’m on the edge of running
I’m sorry I hurt you
Oh yea I’m sorry
Yea I’m sorry

Wistful days
I’m on the edge of running
I’m sorry I hurt too
Oh yea I’m sorry
Yea I’m sorry
Track Name: Storm
The house collapsed
The picture frames stayed still
Listen now to an empty sound
Hole that won’t be filled

Ball drops upon a new year now
You’re racing the continent
To flee the phantom voices haunting down
Inside your head

In the empty court
The jester’s laughing still
Running circles around and around
Hoping for a thrill

Tears fall across your cheeks now
Feeling they’re watching you
I know and I understand
What you’re going through

We all gotta go
Go through hell
Track Name: Werewolf
In a quiet town
Passing as anybody around
I’m confused as such

You don’t wanna get near my touch
‘Cause there’s a bad man inside me
I wear a veil to cover my face
I hope it never sees the light of day
Let these demons be in peace
I hope that I’m not at the whim of fate
Well we all end up deceased

I’ll slip into the crease
Yea, I’ll be down around your knees
You’ll kick me into the dust
But I could only do as such
Track Name: Time
I’ve been waiting so long
By the corner
Through the curtains
I can see you coming round
The backstairs coming now
It’s too late for certain

And loose ends keep unraveling
By the window
Through the trees
And the curtain’s falling down
The sun is setting now
It’s too late for certain

Is what it is
What could have been
Why did you leave
Let’s start again
Is what you want to die alone
Here’s our phone number
Bury the phone
My heart is aching
My body’s aging
My mind is breaking

And time won’t repair nothing
Track Name: Revoltr
You can do it
Don’t change a thing
Comes to you
Darling anything
I know you had heartbreak
Dancing in the room

Let’s get together
Let it go
The bandit’s bet
Wanderlust to rest
Oh babe we’re kids evermore
Wild horses ride our way

Those folks screwed up
Got worn down
Wheels to the ground
For crying out loud
Oh lord they’ve gotten so old
Doing what they’re told

We should get away
All year long
Mind's going in circles
Right or wrong
Oh babe let’s get on the road
Get out of our way

I heard a thousand stories
Of what we are doing here
All of them just bore me
To twenty thousand tears

I tiptoe to your room
And leave a love letter underneath your door
I know you’re waiting for me
My heart beats blood fast throughout my body
And you are my symphony
Let’s leave this town and
Never return
Track Name: Dionysus
Sweetest thing I remember
Is your great redemption
I’m alive and in my head
In this room and in our bed

And I tell you no lie
We ain’t ever gonna die
In the air and in the mist
In our hearts and in our kiss

And I forget what they say
But I heard that this is it
As the time’s just standing still
Light moves past our windowsill

Here we are in outer-space
Honeybunny we’ll win this race
My whole life’s been a disgrace
It’s so hard to find my faith

O I could die
Track Name: Celestial Mountain
Here we are standing atop the celestial mountain
Heaven on earth in a lavender glowing sun
Wind rests its silvery arms gently on our shoulders
Smiles and says all the best’s only begun

I’m there 'til the end and here’s the beginning

Up in a pillar of clouds the light surrounds us
Radiant gold forms a frame of eternal love
Our shadows reflected encircled in glimmering halos
This mystical portrait that floats to the stars above

I’m there 'til the end and here’s the beginning